by D. Koenigsberg
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An SciFi Adventure feature movie, that will be filmed different locations over the world. We are now in the preproduction process.

Daniel Koenigsberg and Douglas Da Silva have written this amazing story.

"A team of scientists is on the way to an expedition on a rough terrain in Southeast Asia. Deep in the jungle - alone. The group's two geeks, introverted Ashley and nerdy Josh find a strange map in the middle of the forest, lined with strange notes.
What's up with these notes?
As a precaution they keep this secret hidden from the rest of the group, but soon find out it might put them in great danger. A disguised research project, a meteorite from another galaxy.
Soon they notice how someone is pursuing them."



Genre Adventure, Thriller, Sci Fi
Release 2020
Budget est. 5.000.000 USD
Director Daniel Koenigsberg
Writer Daniel Koenigsberg, Douglas Da Silva
Producer David Würdemann, Daniel Koenigsberg



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